Make Me Love U Again (To Poetry)

By August 18, 2017Poems

By Chantay “Legacy” Leonard

Touch me
Deep inside my soul
Mold my fingers to the gleaming curves
Of the pen
As I bleed thoughts unto these blank pages
Let me breathe the breath of you
Caress my empty thoughts
Stir my feelings
Until the cauldron boils over
Make me feel the love of you
Muse mystify me
These words are meaningless
Without your inspiration
Creativity is devoid
Without your kiss upon my cerebral lobe
Let me hold you again
Unite us in infinite bliss
Of a timeless union
Make me love you again
As I once did
In the dark days when I prayed for you to take my soul
Taste my tears
Nights when I whispered my deepest fears to you
I entrusted my spirit to you
When the world became too much to bare
I cried on your shoulder
As you stroked my pain
Taught me to form thoughts from simple words
You gave me a voice when I was dying
Let me drink from your rivers again
Do not turn me away from the warmth of your embrace
Make me need you agaain
Give me a purpose for my pen once more
Do not leave my soul in the cold
I shiver from the desolate winds of your disappearance
Why are you hiding from me?
Where must I go to find you?
Shall I quote sonnets to the sun?
Sing melancholy melodies to the moon
Slip similes between sheets of poetry
Murder metaphors as a sacrifice to you
Alliterate until the taste of words is too rich
Silence my soul and let you speak loudly
What must I do to invoke your presence in my life?
Shall I offer solar incantations to the Universe?
Shall I move the Heavens and Earth?
Shall I lie in the darkness and slit open my wrists
Pour my blood on the pavement of urban jungles
Shout from the tops of abandoned buildings
As you make a mockery of me with your unrelenting silence
Shall I banish the light just to feel your shadow again?
You were my comfort
My safety
My courage and confidence
You spoke when the quiet strangled me
Forgive me for spurning you
When you awoke me in the middle of the night
And still I slept
When you danced inside my head
Yet I refused to write you
When you murmured in my ear
And I tuned you out
When you shouted in anguish
And I locked your screams in my mind
When you wept
And I refused to let the tears fall
For every moment I crucified you
Because I felt you failed me
When in reality it is I that failed you
You never stopped loving me
Please guide me back to you
Restore my faith in you
Teach me how to hear the voice of God inside of you
Show me how to love you again
Love God again
Your words
His breathe
My Life
Make me love you once more…