A Love Letter to the Detroit Poetry Community

By July 21, 2017Poems

A Love Letter to the Detroit Poetry Community
Chantay “Legacy” Leonard

Dear Detroit Poets,
We have built poems
From rumpled papers, chaos, and some kind of juju
Erected collectives on a wishful thought
And it amassed a city of rebellious creatives
Into the greatest writers and poets on Earth
Rewind the time
Remember the gift of your magic
All that is gorgeous and monstrous
Is the substance of a poet’s pen
Never let the beauty of this journey forsake you
Always experience it for the first time
Pure inspiration
Pain is a stanza waiting to be healed
Audiences, a hallelujah chorus
Poets, broken angels with dented halos
Gloriously flawed vessels of love and light
As a poet I have found myself
All of us to be incredibly human
As capable of atrocities, as we
Are the most marvelous sacrifice
Love in blessed mouths
Steel in velvet souls and strength
In shrapnel riddled spinal columns
Lovely Pandora’s Box of possibilities
Fight for your promise
Stir ashes into blazing purpose
Recognize your inner champion
Messiahs of stages and pages
Delivering truth like a wayward Apostle
We have our crosses to bear
Speak resurrection and live
Lazarus is one metaphor away from the awakening
Writers on purpose, not by accident
We write lives, wrongs, and
Songs worthy of redemption
Pray through our pens
Searching the corners of conscience
And the clefts of souls we call home
We are honed together, this art is ours
There is love in our glory and violence
Silence will never find our clamoring voices
We enter the night inciting
A riot worthy of God’s attention.

With Love,
A Detroit Poet

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