Legacy’s Reflections (June 28, 2000)

By August 18, 2017Poems

In the space of creativity there is no fear. Fear is an illusion cast upon the surfaces of your mind to disable you from seeking your true purpose and destiny. It is a tool devised to weaken the strength of your convictions and thoughts. Fear dwells in those who let it. In this place there is only hope, encouragement and love. Each person is unique, and is destined for greatness, but greatness is only achieved through belief in yourself and others. God has given us gifts not to exalt ourselves, but to exhort and edify mankind and to give strength to the weak, hope to the despairing, clarity of vision to the blinded and knowledge to those who thirst for the truth. Through our sufferings, pains and trials we triumph to become to become the shining example of the strength and beauty of the human spirit. We learn patience, virtue, integrity of character, and humility. Only through our life experiences can we sympathize with our brothers and sisters. Our pain is the sacrifice we make to uplift one another, and ensure that future generations will be strong, because we have shown them purity of spirit in strength and love. Yet there are times when we must be militant. Progress does not come without a fight. Change is not the invention of idle hands, but it is the product of minds clothed in wisdom, and armed in bravery of spirit. If I die let my life not be in vain meaningless testament of self fulfillment, but let it be for a cause, a cause to inspire the souls of this world to take their destinies into their hands, and become all that their God intended them to be. Above all let it be to change the world into a place of true freedom and equality for all generations.

Peace and Blessings unto all,
Chantay “Legacy” Leonard

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