If I Never See Tomorrow

By August 18, 2017Poems

By Chantay “Legacy” Leonard
February 9, 2000

If I never see tomorrow….
Say not that I lived my life in vain
Do not remember me for pity’s sake
But remember only the strongest and truest
Black sistah to grace this Earth
She who bled her own heart
To save her nation
She who shattered her innocence
Only to sympathize with the violated
She who weathered the storms of yesterday
To stand and let others know that they too can make it
If I never see tomorrow….
Let the voice of truth be unleashed in the land
Severing the chains of ignorance and immobility
Raining the words of our Father
As a banner of love above all
Striking down the idols of hatred
Laying them low at the altar of Love
Rent the temple curtains
So that man’s tradition no longer separates us from the face of God
Let tomorrow be the birth of the new generation
Risen from the dredges of past wars
Fought for the souls of this nation
And though I may die
You will yet live and be strong
If I never see tomorrow….
The revolution shall blaze on
In the hearts of tomorrow’s revolutionaries
Torch lighters for the dark uncertainty of the future
Those who shall never be Massa’s yes men and women
But free as the phoenix
Blazing toward the zenith of greatness
No limits to their purpose
No boundaries to their destinies
Infinity shall be theirs to control
Eternity a figment of their fantasies
Defying all that would seek to destroy their spirits
Rising high above the heavens
So that if I never see tomorrow
They shall immortalize my legacy…
Never for my vanity….understand

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