Detroit (When The Seasons Change)

By August 18, 2017Poems

By Chantay “Legacy” Leonard

I want to give this city a hug
Embrace every cold block heart by heart
Turn our ghettoization into glorification
We’re not dead yet
THe heart keeps beating, even when the mind is not leading
We’re still bleeding on concrete
Shuffling feed to a beat
Stronger than the beat down the citizens take
We don’t fake smiles because we’re depressed
Don’t take shit and don’t talk shit
Disrespected but not defeated

Somehow we manage to crack stone
With sardonic smiles
Children still play
While politicians play the role of coons and buffoons
There is no one else to blame but that brother sharing my race
Balck faced educated gangsta
Gambled futures like casinos cash profits
I have seen prophets spit poems
Hoping to heal wounded minds
Dilla tried to resurrect the music
Infuse it with the soul that is Detroit
Paradise Valley lost
Hasting Street Ballroom still plays the blues
Crooned in midnight velvet by Afeni
I once fell in love there

I whisper prayers to angry winds
That descend upon my head
Spiral inside my heart
Issue out my pen
I weep as I promise myself
My city will shine again
Despite corrupt politics, crack houses
The poor, the ignorant, and obtuse
The abused and abandoned
The children ransomed to a future
We have failed to insure
Despite gentrification and genocide
Soaring unemployment and the deployment of our daughters and sons
To the burning sand and unforgiving sun
Of another war torn nation
Despite the media frenzy
Feeding on bullshit sound bytes
On every television and radio station

We toast your criticisms
Roll them on the backs of our tongues
Expand our lungs and bare our backs
We buffer and bulletproof our spirits
We are the survivors of raw insecurities and suffering
Corporate victimization, de jure (((ITALICS DE JURE))) segregation and biased legislation
Policies that pitfall, betray us and play us
We are poker faced refusing to surrender our hand
We are the Black, Brown and Arab the suburbs fear
We are the nerve to still be standing here
Defiant, striving, singing and dancing
Without Motown
Our sound is the Art of War
Making peace with the rubble falling all around us
Flames still vibrant and rising like the riots of 67

We are the people unbroken by squalor and barren seasons
The world does not expect us to produce
But th efruit we bare bittersweet
Is the manifestation of every hope, dream and seed of faith
Invested in this concrete cocoon
When the seasons change
We will emerge again, radiant
Wing spanning th ehorizon
Eclipsing the gloom of forecast failures
Beat a storm with our wings
That will be felt across the planet
We are Detroit

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